Sunday, September 11, 2011


We're pleased to share a new toolkit with you all: the LGBT HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES EVALUATION TOOLKIT 2011

This was put together by Strength In Numbers Consulting Group for the AIDS Institute of the New York State Department of Health who gave their permission for us to share here.

Here is more about the toolkit, which is described below:
“The Toolkit provides a sampling of selected, evidence-based survey scales for the measurement of outcome indicators. In addition to the outcome-indicator scales, the Toolkit also contains tools for gathering demographic data and measuring dosage (process indicators).

“A sound survey instrument may be constructed by selecting an appropriate survey scale relevant to your identified outcome and intended audience and combining it with your choice of dosage and demographic items. You will also want to assure the informed consent of participants through the use of a permission form, a sample of which is provided in the “Survey Nuts and Bolts” section.

“Also in the Nuts and Bolts, is some guidance on tracking individual participant responses. By assigning each participant a unique code, instead of using names, individual responses can be entered into a spread sheet or database for summary and analysis without risking confidentiality.

“We gratefully acknowledge the efforts and expertise of Somjen Frazer, Cathy Roche and Chloe Mirzayi in pulling this Toolkit together.”

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