Thursday, October 27, 2011

Study Finds LGBT Youth Have Greater Risks to Educational and Health Outcomes

New research findings reported in the October 2011 issue of Educational Researcher highlight differences between lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender (LBGT) and straight-identified youth in health outcomes and educational equity. University of Illinois scholars Joseph P. Robinson and Dorothy L Espelage, who conducted the research, found that "youths who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning are at a greater risk of suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, victimization by peers, and elevated levels of unexcused absences from school."

For their research, Robinson and Espelage surveyed a large, population-based anonymous sample of more than 13,000 students spanning middle to high school in 30 schools in Dane County, Wisconsin. This sample was unique and more likely reflects "the full spectrum of LQBTQ students," they said, because it included middle school students, not just high school students, and students who identified themselves as transgender. "The sample recruitment methods did not specifically target sexual minority students," they added.

To read the full article from Medical News Today you can visit their website here. You can also find an interview with the authors of the study here and the full published article here (requires subscription to read more than the abstract).

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