Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Request for practice-based evidence for LGBT Tobacco Prevention

Dear Tobacco Control Network members:
Please see below for a request from our partners at the Network for LGBT Health Equity. Over the coming weeks, the Network is collecting information about best and promising practices in tobacco prevention in LGBT communities. Click here for background information about this project, or see below for specific topics of interest and links for submitting your stories.

As noted in the request below, all of our work can be strengthened by tapping into the collective wisdom of our networks, so free to forward this request to any colleagues or partners who may be able to respond.

Best regards,

Carissa Beatty, MPH, CHES
Program Coordinator, Tobacco Control Network (TCN)
tcn@sph.emory.edu • www.ttac.org/TCN

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Sent: Monday, March 12, 2012 7:31 AM
To: News@lgbttobacco.org
Subject: [News] MPOWERED - Building The Network's Collective Wisdom

Dear Folk's on the Network's News List:
Greetings! As a member of the Network’s Steering Committee, I’ve been asked to introduce the Network’s effort to better collect our communities’ collective wisdom about tobacco prevention. We’re serious about this process of documenting the wisdom of our communities, and we need your help!

Over the next eight weeks, I’m asking for what lessons you’ve learned about a specific topics. I won't be pestering you each week, just with this e-mail. Please make sure we hear about the projects you've worked on.
If we can capture some of the lessons learned from your projects, we’ll be able to share it across states — and make all of our work stronger. No knowledge is too small!

We’ll be asking for what you’ve learned as your work engaged with these topics:

Week 1 (Closes 3/16/12) – Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies for all LGBT communities
Week 2 (Closes 3/23/12) - Protect LGBT people from tobacco smoke
Week 3 (Closes 3/30/12) - Offer help to quit tobacco use
Week 4 (Closes 4/6/12) - Warn about the dangers of tobacco (social marketing, counter marketing)
Week 5 (Closes4/13/12) - Enforce bans, promotion and sponsorship on tobacco advertising
Week 6 (Closes 4/20/12) - Raise taxes on tobacco products
Week 7 (Closes 4/27/12) - Evaluate and disseminate knowledge and practice
Week 8 (Closes 5/4/12) - Diversify the movement by engaging underserved LGBT populations, including youth, and encourage partnerships across disparity groups

That’s our proposed MPOWERED framework for collecting different types of wisdom. It parallels and adds to the World Health Organization’s framework for tobacco prevention evidence, but with a Network-style flourish that adds in evaluation and recognizes that we are stronger together in diverse coalitions than we are alone. We’re collecting evidence FROM practice to compliment and inform the existing [limited] research evidence. We’ll use both to better communicate best and promising practices in tobacco prevention in our community.

Thus, over the next eight weeks, please, chime in by e-mail (jose.lee@unc.edu), through the links above, even on the back of a $20 bill. We’ll also have a random assortment of goodies (free pens and more!) that we’ll give away to respondents each week.

So, here’s to better knowledge and less of a tobacco disparity!
Best, Joseph.

Joseph G. L. Lee, MPH, CPH, Doctoral student
Schools of Medicine & Global Public Health
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Reposted at http://www.keystothecloset.blogspot.com

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