Tuesday, June 12, 2012

LGBT Rights and Racial Justice Report

The Opportunity Agenda conducted research on the intersection of LGBT rights and racial justice. The report also looks at the roles ethnic and new media are playing today in both perpetuating and challenging negative stereotypes. The report includes four studies:

  • What Americans Think about LGBT People, Rights, and Issues: A Meta-Analysis of Recent Public Opinion;
  • Coverage of LGBT Issues in African-American and Latino Print and Online News Media: An Analysis of Media Content;
  • An Analysis of Online Discourse about LGBT Issues in African-American and Latino Communities.

Each study has its own Findings section, but there are themes common to all. These commonalities found throughout the study suggest that although each type of media merits its own specific, culturally sensitive strategy, coordinated strategies may also be appropriate and effective. We therefore present some highlights:

  • Pro-LGBT spokespeople predominate in both the African-American and Latino print media by a wide margin.
  • The storylines in all three types of media tend to focus on LGBT-specific issues like marriage equality, homophobia, and the “down low lifestyle.” Few articles place LGBT people and issues within a broader societal context.
  • There is some narrative overlap. The clash of values between equality, human rights, and dignity on the one hand, and morality, “natural law,” and God’s will on the other is present in both the African-American and Latino coverage. Both communities are wrestling with this apparent contradiction.

Funded by the Arcus Foundation, the research on the intersection of LGBT rights and racial justice also rely on the authorship of Loren Siegel, Elena Shore, and Fission Strategy. To read our recommendations drawn from the report, click here.

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