Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Introducing SAGE Story: Bring Your Story to Life

SAGE is proud to launch SAGE Story, a new national storytelling initiative for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults. SAGE knows from firsthand experience that LGBT older people are among the most effective advocates for changing inequitable aging policies. Many have helped pave the way for the social changes we now enjoy. And many still experience discrimination and stigma in their families and in the long-term care system. LGBT elders’ stories have the power to effect change in people’s attitudes, in public policy, and in the systems that all of us rely on.

But how do we distill the most essential parts of LGBT elders’ experiences, and get those stories out to policy makers and leaders in the LGBT and aging fields? That’s where SAGE Story comes in.

SAGE Story will create a national voice on aging issues shaped by the insights and actions of LGBT older people. The purpose of the program is to strengthen the storytelling skills—and draw on the unique life experiences—of LGBT elders to  diversify the public narratives on aging, long-term care and LGBT rights. To meet this goal, SAGE Story maintains an online story booth for digital submissions and an online platform showcasing the stories of LGBT older people. In addition, we will offer skillbuilding workshops, starting in New York City and expanding nationwide in the coming months. We will also partner with storytelling experts and policy-based organizations to bring these stories into the current public and political conversations.

Get inspired by reading, watching and listening to the stories of LGBT elders—and be sure to submit your own story online today. It’s easy to upload a photo or video link, or write out your story. We can’t wait to hear your story!

Elder Abuse Resource Portal Launched
The National Resource Center on LGBT Aging, along with founding partner organization FORGE Transgender Aging Network, today launched a new portal dedicated to LGBT Elder Abuse.  While elder abuse affects all older people regardless of sexual orientation and transgender status, there are ways that LGBT elders can be specifically victimized and other reasons why they may choose to stay silent. This portal brings together information from partner organizations as well as groundbreaking new content to address some of these issues. The multimedia resources are especially geared toward helping abuse professionals assist in these cases, and for LGBT older adults and their caregivers to understand how to get help. Visit the LGBT Elder Abuse resources today to read the articles, watch the videos and share what you learn by talking to us on Facebook and Twitter. Every one of us can help spread the word to work against LGBT elder abuse!

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