Wednesday, July 10, 2013

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: GLMA Delegate to House of Delegates

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GLMA is currently requesting applications from members to serve as the GLMA Delegate to the American Medical Association House of Delegates (HOD), the principal policy-making body for the AMA. The Delegate will also serve on the GLMA Board of Directors, if not already serving on the Board.

The Delegate must:

  • Be a member in good standing with the AMA and GLMA;
  • Be able to travel and participate in two multi-day AMA House of Delegates meetings annually;
  • Be able to travel and participate in, at a minimum, two of the quarterly 2-day GLMA Board Meetings annually;
  • Have experience with and thorough understanding of the American Medical Association and its structure and processes, including the House of Delegates; and
  • Possess familiarity with GLMA and LGBT health issues.
The duties of the GLMA Delegate to the AMA HOD include:
Representing GLMA in and voting on issues before the AMA House of Delegates;
  • Advocating for health issues and policies that affect LGBT people and GLMA as an organization in the AMA HOD;
  • Fulfilling the duties of an AMA Delegate as outlined by the AMA;
  • Serving as a Director on GLMA’s Board and meeting the requirements and responsibilities of a GLMA Board Member; and
  • Maintaining a dynamic dialogue with the GLMA President, Executive Director and other Board Members, as necessary, on issues and policies affecting LGBT people presented to the AMA HOD.
If you are interested in the position, please apply using Survey Monkey AND email your current CV to by July 31, 2013. Finalists will be interviewed by Members of the GLMA Board of Directors, which is responsible for selecting the GLMA Delegate.

The newly selected GLMA Delegate to the AMA HOD will be expected to attend and participate in the next HOD meeting, scheduled for Nov 16-19, 2013 in the Washington, DC area.

Any questions can be directed to Henry Ng, MD, GLMA President-Elect and Chair of the GLMA Board Development Committee at

Background: In June 2013, the AMA voted GLMA into its House of Delegates. GLMA is the first and only LGBT organization in the House of Delegates, signaling a major shift to advance understanding LGBT healthcare needs and promote equality. With this historic vote, GLMA has a significant opportunity to increase our efforts to improve the health and well-being of LGBT individuals by leveraging the strength and influence of the AMA to build greater understanding about the health issues faced by the LGBT community.

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