Monday, June 16, 2014

Digital Media Syndication

Find free health content for your websites, apps, and social media

CDC, FDA, NIH, and HHS are partnering for public health to create an easy way for our public health partners to access digital resources—like web content, images, video, data, infographics, social media content, and more—that can support your existing local activities. Through digital media syndication, Federal science-based resources can be combined with your ongoing communication activities to coordinate health messaging for maximum impact and reach those at greatest risk.

Q: What Does this Really Mean?
A: Convenient and Free Access to Valuable Digital Tools
High-quality content and multimedia developed at the federal level can be used locally in a number of ways and is designed to be easily distributed using existing channels, including:
  • Local websites – Textual content is unbranded and displayed within your site's structure, maintaining its look-and-feel.
  • Social media profiles – Posts are science-based and formatted for quick dissemination on your social profiles, like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Video and image sharing sites – Videos, images, and infographics can be easily added to your YouTube, Flickr, and Pinterest profiles.
  • Newsletters and e-mails – Narrative text provides relevant content for your outreach activities and existing audiences.
  • Data Visualization – Data and data visualizations bring timely federal and state data to you.

Q: Do I Need It?
A: Yes! Expand Your Reach, Engage Your Audiences, and Save Time & Money
This is a valuable opportunity to do more with less.
  • Expand your public health impact with high-quality multimedia and science-based content provided by trusted partners
  • Find and use timely social and digital content from a growing communications library for your existing initiatives.
  • Worry less about content development and upkeep with automatically updating, low-maintenance tools.
You can find content for syndication from multiple sites, including:
Health and Human Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Food and Drug Administration
National Institutes of Health
Q: Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started?
A: Three Easy Steps to More Health Content
These resources are offered through federal digital media syndication sites that are easy to use, regardless of your technical expertise or size of your team. When you syndicate content, automatic updates mean minimal maintenance on your part, and technical assistance and support mean help is always available.
1. Register and get anytime access to high-quality content, plus alerts when new content is added.
2. Discover content across agencies
3. Send feedback and ask questions
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