Friday, July 11, 2014

GLMA Conference Preliminary Program Now Available

The preliminary program for GLMA’s 32nd Annual Conference is now available online. Click here to check out this year’s conference workshop, research and plenary topics and speakers! Also included in the preliminary program is the schedule of events and helpful information (and discounts) about travel to/from Baltimore.

We are thrilled to announce the Keynote Address: LGBT Health Priorities at the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • Kathy Greenlee, JD, Administrator of the Administration for Community Living and Assistant Secretary for Aging
  • Pam Hyde, JD, SAMHSA Administrator
  • Jim Scanlon, MPP, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, HHS 
  • Juliet Choi, Chief of Staff, Office of Civil Rights and Senior Advisory, HHS
  • Moderator: Matthew G Heinz, MD, Director, Provider Outreach, HHS
Early bird registration for the Annual Conference ends July 15th! Click here to register now or to learn more about GLMA’s Annual Conference—the premier LGBT health conference and the world’s largest scientific gathering devoted to LGBT health issues and concerns. REMINDER: GLMA members receive a discount on registration! Join NOW!

We are also excited to announce the location of this year’s Annual Achievement Award Gala on Saturday, September 13th: The National Aquarium in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor!

Get your tickets now!
Gala tickets include free admission to the National Aquarium’s exhibits for one hour prior to the start of the Gala (6pm – 7pm)!

If you have already registered for the conference, but would like to add Gala tickets, please contact us!

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