Friday, April 1, 2011

CampOUT 2011 Long Fork Retreat, Walton, WV July 13th-17th

CampOUT 2011 Long Fork Retreat, Walton, WV July 13th-17th Main Contact: There is still time to send in your presenter application for CampOUT 2011. Presenters can submit as many presentations as they want. After the presenter deadline of February 15th we will select up to three presentations per presenter. Presenters will be notified by February 28th of our selections.

Presenter registration is required by March 30th. Workshops encompassing trans, sex, and/or kink positive themes, or (as this year’s theme is the phoenix) encompassing transformation or beginning anew will get preference. Presenters selected to do three workshops will get a free all-inclusive registration for themselves and one partner/assistant/demo bottom for $25.00 each all inclusive. Presenters selected to do one workshop will receive a $50 registration price for themselves plus one. In all cases, the plus one will be expected to participate in 2 hours of volunteering or pay the volunteer opt out price of an additional $25.00. To submit your presentations, please download the presenter form, fill it out and email it to Cameron @ kaz_215 at yahoo dot com with CampOUT Presenter as the subject line. Link to the downloadable presenter form:

CampOUT 2011 is a trans positive, sex positive, kink positive event that takes place annually in the hills of beautiful West Virginia, USA. Please visit the website for more information.

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