Friday, June 21, 2013

Warning about Blog spam

Please read this important information about blog spam.

If you notice another Blogger site by the name of www . kmzackblogger . com in your referrals, know that it is a blog setup to get you to pay for better YouTube video placement. It showed up on the blog I just started for my grandmother's diaries, so I was curious enough to check it out.
www . bthemes . info
This looks somewhat legitimate in that it has themes for Blogger. But the fact they use referral spam makes them look quite shady. I don't advise using them for that alone.

vampirestat and zombiestat
These are run by the same people using the same templates with different graphics and purport to show the monetary worth of websites. Do not go there.


Yet another referral spammer on Blogger showed up with 11 page views on February 28.

make-money-with-your-blog . review-blogspot . com is another get rich quick scheme making the rounds. "Mary" even has a short bit on the page about people reporting her blog is a scam and that she has "the approval of Blogger." Of course there is only the one post containing a shortened link.

Avoid at all costs.

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